Executing Innovation

Innovation is challenging , most executives want to innovate yet Innovation is slow to come by , risk of failure makes innovation launches slow and often there are few resources to execute the new idea’s . Non obvious or risky ideas are not tried even when resources are available , thoughts and ideas are restricted for want of political correctness. More often than not there is limited management time to monitor new innovation.

Our Approach

Feeling stuck in a rut? We can help you ignite your innovation engine! Our process starts by taking a deep dive into your current innovation efforts. We’ll analyze your existing projects and identify areas for improvement. Together, we’ll define clear and measurable innovation targets that align with your overall business goals.

But it doesn’t stop there! We’ll work side-by-side with you to prioritize the most promising innovation spaces – the areas with the highest potential for growth and disruption. To give you a competitive edge, we’ll also map out the potential disruptors in each space. By understanding who your future competitors might be, you can develop strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

In short, we’ll be your innovation partner, helping you transform ideas into reality and secure future success.

We bring in years of experience in innovative thinking and concept execution. We have successfully completed several innovation projects across industries such as IT software, IT hardware & robotics, Logistics and Water. These have involved innovation on ceptualization, building innovation pre-launch templates, building IP protection and concept validation surveys.

We at Hinnovtors help execute innovation projects by working  in synchronization with the internal teams mentoring innovation teams. We help kick start idea’s which are lying dormant for want of management time.

Hinnovators boosts innovation! We partner with internal teams.
Mentor innovation teams and synchronize efforts.
Awaken dormant ideas - provide the missing management time.


We work closely with your business teams and product teams and understand your business and then draw out area’s for innovation . We next will make innovation pre-launch templates . We help test market the concept and project manage roll outs.

We work with technology teams bring about innovative ideas . We help design technical patenting opportunities if any and help build complete pre-legal patenting templates . To the selected idea’s we help create concept pitch for internal investment approvals.

We also offer life cycle services to help drive innovation involving building financial models and customer engagements , these help to kick off innovation idea's quickly into the market.

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  • Sarah Jones

    Hinnovators were a game-changer! Their expertise helped us unlock the potential of our internal teams. Now, innovative ideas are no longer dormant – they're driving real growth.

    Sarah Jones
    GreenTech Solutions
  • David Lee

    We struggled to translate ideas into action. Hinnovators seamlessly integrated with our team, providing mentorship and streamlining execution. They helped us bring our innovative vision to life.

    David Lee
    SkyLine Industries
  • Maria Garcia

    Hinnovators are the missing piece. They provided the dedicated time and expert guidance our internal teams needed. Now, even dormant ideas have a chance to shine, propelling us forward.

    Maria Garcia
    Apex Pharmaceuticals